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Code Enforcement

We would like to encourage citizens to take pride in their community by investing in their property and not allowing it to fall into disrepair. The City understands that it can be difficult to keep property properly maintained and clean. We must, however, be considerate of our neighbors and work to enhance our quality of life.

By picking up debris and trash, appropriately maintaining vehicles, mowing grass, tending to weeds and maintaining one's property, the City of Hoisington can become an even better place to live for all citizens.The City of Hoisington's code enforcement team will be working with residents to ensure that everyone does their part to keep Hoisington safe and clean. The code enforcement staff is tasked with compliance efforts related to the following key issues:

  • Health Nuisances;

  • Dangerous and Unfit Structures;

  • Junked Motor Vehicles on Private Property;

  • Weeds and Vegetation;

  • Minimum Housing Code; and

  • Rodent Control

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer regarding health nuisances, dangerous and unfit structures, junked motor vehicles, minimum housing code, rodent control, weeds or vegetation at (620)653-4995 or email

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