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Quality of Life Endowment Fund

Thanks to the foresight of community leaders, the City of Hoisington launched a community endowment in early 2020.  By working with the Golden Belt Community Foundation, the City was able to create the City of Hoisington Quality of Life Endowment Fund with an initial gift of $147,500. 

By collecting contributions from residents and community supporters, the governing body hopes the fund will grow to reach one million dollars.  The community will continue to reinvest the earnings into the endowment until it reaches the $1 million threshold.  Once the endowment reaches $1 million, the City can invest the earnings into significant quality of life projects without touching the principal balance.  By taking this approach, the endowment will grow into a sustainable source of funding for quality of life initiatives.  

If you are interested in supporting the Hoisington community or investing in its quality of life projects, please contact the City of Hoisington at (620)653-4125 or reach out to the Golden Belt Community Foundation at (620)792-3000. 

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