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Places of Worship

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Since Hoisington's inception, religion has played an important role in the lives of its residents. Find a house of worship that is right for you:

Church of Nazarene

Christian Church

422 N Vine St

(620) 653-4122


Concordia Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church

460 W 9th St

(620) 653-4644


The Last Supper

354 W 1st St

(817) 301-4827

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Lutheran church

1109 N Vine St

(620) 653-4345

First Street Church of God

Christian Church

601 E 1st St


First United Methodist Church

Methodist Church

467 W 3rd St

(620) 653-2119

Hoisington Bible Church

Christian Church

501 E 2nd St

(620) 653-4533

New Life Baptist Church

Baptist church

364 12th St

(620) 653-4028

St John the Evangelist Parish

Catholic Church

108 E 5th St

(620) 653-2695

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