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The Department of Administration is responsible for executing the programs and policies set forth by the governing body, which is comprised of the Mayor and City Council.  This includes oversight of City operations, code enforcement and economic development.


As record-keeping officer, the City Clerk is responsible for preparing, executing, and archiving all City records as prescribed by law.  The Clerk's Office also handles utility billing and coordinates responses to customer service request.

If you have any questions about City operations, please contact the Clerk's Office at (620)653-4125.  You can also fax correspondence to (620)653-2767.

City Clerk's Office

The City of Hoisington provides electric power to about 1611 customers, including about 52 customers located outside the City but within the City’s Electric Service Territory. The City purchases wholesale power from Western Electric. This power is delivered to Hoisington at 34.5 kilovolts via an interconnection, and stepped down to the City’s two distribution voltages: 2,400 V and 7,200 V. The City owns and maintains about 36 miles of distribution lines, mostly overhead lines and some underground lines. 

Electric Distribution

The Electric Generation Department is responsible for the electrical power requirements for customers in the City's distribution area. These power requirements are provided from City-owned and operated generation units and from a 12.47 kilovolt interconnect with a power provider. The City's Plant is operated and maintained by two full time employees, which take care of four generating units and all auxiliary equipment.

The City's ability to generate its own power is a valuable asset when the city is disconnected from the electrical grid due to emergency situations, bad weather, or maintenance repairs.

Electric Generation

Hoisington Emergency Medical Services provides 24-hour-a-day, 911 emergency medical care throughout Hoisington and Northwestern Barton County area. Hoisington EMS is committed to providing high quality basic and advanced patient care.  Hoisington is proud of its history of skilled volunteer technicians.  If you have questions about EMS, call (620)653-4150.

Emergency Medical Services

Hoisington's Municipal Court oversees cases involving violations of City Code which include traffic, misdemeanor criminal cases, and code violations. The Judge, under the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Code of Municipal Courts, the Kansas Rules of Evidence and the City Code of the City of Hoisington conducts all trials. There are no jury trials in Municipal Court.

If you have any questions about Muncipal Court, please contact the Court Clerk at (620)653-4995 or via email at  You can also fax correspondence to (620)653-2422.

Municipal Court

The Hoisington Police Deparment is a full service, municipal police organization, consisting of seven authorized personnel, serving in two operating divisions: Administrative and Operations.

The police department exists for the purpose of protecting and serving the people of Hoisington.  The Hoisington Police Department also oversees the animal control efforts for the community.  For more information about the department, please call (620)653-4995 or (620)653-2223 (after hours).  You can also fax correspondence to (620)653-2422.

Police Department

The City of Hoisington Public Works Department is located in the 100 block of South Pine. The Public Works Department, supervised by the Public Works Director and two foremen, employs 8 people who provide many essential services. The Public Works Department oversee maintenance and care of City parks, the Cemetery, public streets, and Hoisington's water supply and wastewater treatment.

Public Works
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