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Hoisington has a lot of resources for a community its size.  Although Hoisington's people are the greatest resource, visitors and residents enjoy an abundance of opportunities and attractions.  Whether you are looking for information on commerce, economic development, education, history, lodging and RVs, medical care, places of worship, recreational resources or restaraunt and food options; Hoisington has it.

Please take a moment to discover some of the things Hoisington has to offer.  

Hoisington is fortunate to have three business advocacy organizations. The Hoisington Area E-Community, the Hoisington Chamber of Commerce and Hoisington Main Street work hard to develop and boost our business environment. For more information on the Hoisington Chamber of Commerce click here. For additional information on the Hoisington Area E-Community or Hoisington Main Street, contact the Hoisington Chamber of Commerce at 620-653-4311 or reach out to an E-Community or Main Street board member.


Economic Development
Hoisington continues to work hard developing its local economy.  Whether through support of existing businesses or the attraction of new businesses, there are always numerous partners helping out. The City of Hoisington works with the Hoisington Area E-Community, Hoisington Chamber of Commerce and Hoisington Main Street to enhance our business environment. As a community, Hoisington has a number of incentives available for growth and development.  These incentives can be found at the following link: Incentives.

Hoisington residents enjoy one of the best public school districts in the state of Kansas.  For more information on USD 431 click here.

Hoisington is a great community with a bright future and storied past.  To learn more about the history of Hoisington click here.

Lodging and RVs
Hoisington has excellent lodging accomodations for visitors.  Whether you are looking to explore for a few days or plan to stay a few months, there are options in Hoisington.  We also have facilities for RVs.  Please check out information on our lodging and RV facilities at this link.

Medical Care
Hoisington is home to some excellent medical care facilities.  Clara Barton Hospital and Clinics are located in Hoisington.  For more information on Clara Barton Hospital and Clinics click here.

Hoisington is also the professional home to two gifted surgeons at Clara Barton Surgical Services and Clara Barton Hospital.  The community is also home to Clara Barton Specialty Outreach Clinic, two chiropractic clinics, two dentists, an optometrist, the Hoisington Veterinary Hospital, Cardinal Pharmacy and numerous other health-related service providers.  For more information about these service providers click here.

Places of Worship
Since Hoisington's inception, religion has played an important role in the lives of its residents. Find a house of worship that is right for you by clicking here.

Hoisington has excellent recreational resources.  It is home to three outstanding parks and a state of the art activity center.  For more information on recreational programming, check out the Hoisington Recreation Commission's website

For more information on the City's three parks click on this link.

For more information on the City's swimming pool click on this link

Restaurants and Food
Hoisington has a number of options for food. If you are interested in stopping in for a bite, you may find something you like at this link.

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