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The City of Hoisington Swimming Pool is open seasonally beginning Memorial Day weekend.

The hours of operation are set at the beginning of the pool season and are typically published in the City's newsletter and local paper.  These hours may be affected due to weather, staffing or special events.  Please call ahead of time at (620) 653-2535 to confirm general availability.


The cost of admittance is $3 per person per visit.

The City of Hoisington assesses a fee of $3 per month on every residents' utility bill for the purpose of providing the resident, their families and up to four guests free admittance to the pool during the season.

In order to qualify for free admittance, each residential utility customer must complete and return a Pool Admittance Form to the City Office by May 1st of each year.  The form must list the residential utility customer and all family members that wish to use the pool.  Additionally, each residential utility customer may add up to four guests that qualify for free admittance.  This guest list will remain the same throughout the season.


The City also offers season passes to individuals outside of the community that would allow for use of the pool during regular sessions.  For more information regarding the pool passes or the pool's hours of operation, please contact the City Office at 620-653-4125.

The Pool Admittance Form and season passes only cover the cost of general pool use and do not include activities such as swimming lessons, pool parties or water aerobics.  Fees for these additional activities will be assessed separately.  Please contact the Hoisington Recreation Commission at (620) 653-4050 for more information regarding swimming lessons or water aerobics.  Pool parties need to be scheduled through the City Office in person or by phone at (620)653-4125.


A snack bar is available during normal operating hours.  There is a phone available at the pool for the purpose of arranging transportation from the pool.

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